Trajectaflex Resin Firing System



Photo above: The assembled Trajectaflex nozzle consists of 6 parts – all of which are easily exchangeable.


The Trajectaflex Resin Firing System is a single pass system for installing resin capsules for resin set bolting. With a dual boom development jumbo the bolt hole can be drilled with one boom while the other boom inserts the resin and the bolt.


The Trajectaflex Resin Firing Nozzle is a steel nozzle which, through its revolutionary spring design, installs synthetic resin capsules using air pressure into a pre drilled bolt hole for resin set bolting. It is fixed at the end of the jumbo rail onto an independent slide, allowing it to be extended and retracted past the end of the jumbo boom for easy bolt hole location.



Resin capsules are loaded into a manifold which is located at the operator’s platform. The capsules are then shot with air pressure through a delivery line along the jumbo boom and pass through the Trajectaflex nozzle and into the pre drilled hole.


With the nozzle tip engaged at the collar of the bolt hole you can slew or dump the feed rail, left, right, or back and forward. With one of these movements the tip will come into alignment with the hole through flex of the spring as shown in detail below.



  • Figure A Full extension nozzle located collar of hole
  • Figure B Part flex in spring as boom or rail is moved
  • Figure C Increased flex as nozzle tip enters hole
  • Figure D Perfect nozzle location. Tip fully inserted into hole, back pressure slots are clear. Slight gap between nozzle tip taper and collar of hole

NOTE: Resin capsules can be fired through the Trajectaflex nozzle with flex maintained in the spring. Perfect alignment of the nozzle (as in Figure D) is not required.


Key Points

All components of the Trajectaflex Resin Firing System have been manufactured to provide a perfectly smooth passage for resin capsules as they are fired with a volume of air into a pre drilled bolt hole. This ensures capsules hold their shape, minimising ruptures during transition.

Alignment with the nozzle tip and the bolt hole is critical or else resin capsule ruptures will occur. As the resin capsule exits the nozzle tip it will hit the sidewall of the bolt hole (if not aligned correctly) causing ruptures and incorrect resin placement. With perfect nozzle tip and bolt hole alignment, resin capsules will exit the nozzle tip and travel to the back of the pre-drilled bolt hole, minimising ruptures and increasing the percentage of perfect bolt installations.
A standard nozzle tip is 430mm long with exhaust slots cut into it at the base. 370mm of the tip can be indexed into the bolt hole, pushing past any fractured rock from previous blasting and ensuring perfect bolt hole/nozzle tip alignment. Ruptures are reduced by minimising contact of fractured rock with the resin capsule. Exhaust slots in the tip expel the volume of air pushing the resin capsules. Incorrect resin capsule lodgement and ruptures up the hole would otherwise occur due to an air pressure piston effect.

Longer nozzle tips (485mm and 535mm) are available for use in excessively fractured ground.

Patented Revolutionary Nozzle Design

Attention to detail and a strong focus on maintaining resin capsule shape whilst in transition from the resin loading manifold through to lodging into the pre drilled bolt hole was a key objective. This is critical to the success rate of point anchor and fully encapsulated resin set bolts.

Being able to obtain correct resin placement with minimal capsule ruptures ensures that bolts are installed correctly obtaining maximum strength and longevity.
Using the Trajectaflex Resin Firing System offers increased operator safety, reduced bolting cycle times and correctly installed bolts.